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Melanie Richardson



Swindells has been working with estate agents and lettings agents across the UK, Sussex and the south-east for many years and has developed a specialist understanding of the sector. Whether you are a UK property investor, overseas investor, developer, or a traditional estate or lettings agent this article will discuss the basics of accounting in your sector.


Managing your accounting is essential


Working in property means dealing with large amounts of money each day. Whether you run a property or real estate agency employing commissioned people; manage commercial or residential real estate; run a construction firm or investment trust or provide residential sales and lettings services. In every role it’s essential that your accounting is on point and accurate. Mistakes can cost you or your client a lot of money.


 The issues


The property and real estate industries are a huge part of the economy, regulations in the industry’s accounting are designed to make the most of its contribution to GDP, encourage wealth creation and distribution through investment and avoid mistakes that led up to the financial crisis in 2007.


In 2020 we are going to see further shake ups in tax legislation for the sector. Strict rules are in place and changing around:


  • ownership transfer and identification
  • offsetting expenses
  • land, property & inheritance tax
  • managing and accounting for clients’ funds


Talk to an expert accountant


With regulations changing and being updated often it is essential to seek out the advice of property accounting experts who can help you ensure that you and your business are up to date and following all legislation to the letter whilst taking advantage where you can.




in property businesses payroll can be particularly tricky, many staff are hired on a commission basis or combination of a fixed salary plus commission which can make payroll difficult to manage. Commissions are subject to income tax so it’s essential to keep track of figures in order to pay the right amount of tax.


Accounting and tax services for estate agents & the property sector  


At Swindells we have a wide variety of proactive services to support the property sector. A high number of our staff specialise in advising on property issues.  They have extensive experience of all taxes relevant to property transactions and ownership.  We have experts in income and corporate tax as well as those who cover property VAT, SDLT and Inheritance Tax.


Our services include:


  • Accountants reports
  • Annual accounts and management information preparation
  • Payroll & bookkeeping services
  • Tax and business advisory services
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Maximising capital allowances
  • Residential property VAT



If you run a business in the property sector and have further questions about how Swindells can support your business. Please get in touch with our Managing Partner, Melanie Richardson who will be able to discuss your needs with you.


Melanie managing partner East Sussex Accountants



Tel: 01825 763366

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