How to get yourself and your business out of a rut

Melanie Richardson


Professionally and personally you can fall into a rut, a funk or just a dip…who knows why it happens, one day you’re sailing along, the next you’ve lost your way, the leads dry up, something feels off and there’s no apparent reason…this article will discuss how to push forward and through and come out of the other side stronger.



A slump can be caused by many things, soften things that are completely out of your control. The next steps may help in putting you back in control.


The business


Try to understand where the issue lies

The first thing to do is to try and figure out what isn’t right.  As the old adage goes, you can only manage what you can measure.  Putting words around a problem can help to clarify where change is necessary.  Often just understanding this is enough to get back on track.


Reevaluate your why

Why are you working so hard? What is it that you are trying to achieve? Has this changed since you last evaluated it?  The big reason creates the motivation and if that has subconsciously changed then understanding your new vision can see your business back on track.


Remember how far you’ve come

It can be easy to slip into an apathetic attitude at times, we’re constantly told to focus on the future in business, but it serves use well to remember how far we have come already. Take a step back and look at what you have achieved and notice the ups and downs and how you’ve come through them in the past.


The ‘new’

Businesses can get stale.  To create some enthusiasm or spark some motivation, think about a new project or product, aim for a new client, anything that can break the deadlock can create a ripple effect throughout your organisation.


Finish the ‘incompletes’

We all have lists of things that are pushed to the side, the ‘tedious but can’t face doing’ lists. Work through it. Clear some headspace to refresh and move forward.




Personal downs can hit for no apparent reason, it takes time and patience to push through. The next few points can help kickstart that process and have you back to normal.



Without any goals in life, days and years can roll into each other with no discernable stand out moments.  Setting attainable short, mid and long-term goals and reviewing them daily can help to focus your mind and recreate purpose in your life.


Perfection is the enemy

Sometimes, done is better than perfect.  If you are hung up on perfection, you may never finish.  There is always something else that can be done.  Learn to put a project to one side when you’ve done your best and move on.



Physical activity realises stress, it allows it to pass through the body.  A quick walk or session at the gym can give your body a rush of endorphins and sense of achievement that in the short term, will help alleviate some pressure and in the long-term, consistency will make new habits easier to form.


Talk to someone

Talking to a friend or family member may help, but if you feel you can’t, perhaps seek professional help. There is no sense in suffering in silence, people are out there to help you take advantage of that and push through the barriers.


If you are struggling with your business at the moment and would like to talk to an objective expert who can see a side that you can’t, do get in touch with our Managing Partner Melanie Richardson.


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