Registering your business for VAT

Melanie Richardson


One of the key decisions to make when running your own business is whether to register it for VAT. Although this can be a complicated area, the basics are easy to grasp when you're considering whether this is the right option for you and your company.

What is VAT registration for business?
If you register your company for VAT with HMRC then this means you will add the VAT rate onto any goods you invoice for. On the opposite side, if you do not need to or wish to then you will simply sell your goods at the price you set without any VAT charge on top.
What are the rules around VAT registration?
VAT registration must be undertaken by any business that has an annual turnover that reaches the threshold set by HMRC. This changes slightly each year but as of April 2017 this was set at £85,000. If you fall into this category then you are required to become VAT registered by law and begin adding VAT to your invoices. An important point is that you must register as soon as you go over the threshold amount at the time - don't wait until the end of the quarter or year!
Smaller businesses with annual turnover under the set threshold amount can choose to register if they wish, although this is not compulsory for them.
What are the advantages of becoming VAT registered?
One of the main benefits for companies is being able to claim back the tax charged when buying goods for business use. Although not everything can be claimed for, there are a lot of business costs that can, so this is a real bonus for most businesses. For smaller businesses it can also make you look more professional, although you need to make sure that charging VAT does not make your prices uncompetitive.


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Alternatively you can register for VAT online at the following link: however we would always advise speaking to us before you do so to make sure that it is the right step for your business and that all of the possible alternatives have been thought through.

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