How the Swindells Small Business Unit will help you achieve your goals

Melanie Richardson


We recognise the effort, courage and struggle that it takes to start your own business. A small business is a constant workload involving long sleepless nights, agonising over decisions and learning a range of new skills everyday from the financial side to how to find new clients. There is a lot to do.


That’s why we have created the Swindells Small Business Unit, a specialist ‘practice within a practice’ that operates in Sussex and the South East focussed on providing value for smaller businesses.


This article will explain the benefits of the unit and outline the accounting services for small businesses that  Swindells offers.


"Although I am only a small business I am treated with courtesy and respect. You make me feel valued."




Cost effective & flexible


We recognise that margins are tight, we are not the cheapest option out there and neither do we want to be. The value that our experienced team brings to your business goes so much further than number crunching and saving you money off your tax bill. We are here for advice and emergencies, to advise and guide you where appropriate and above all to have your and your business’ interests at heart.


We offer a range of services tailored to what you need for your small business; from a simple online accounting package, setup and training or basic business accounting to the whole gamut of small business bookkeeping, business accounts, tax & National Insurance claims, and payroll …you only pay for what your business needs.


"Timely, quality service at a fair price"



Who might benefit from our Small Business Unit?


Any small business, can join the Small Business Unit. We work with clients across many industries providing a valuable service at a manageable cost, from travel photographers to café owners and online businesses.


Expert advice


All of our team are highly experienced; we pride ourselves on our training here at Swindells and have a 99% satisfaction rate with our clients. Our partners and staff work with hundreds of small businesses across Sussex and the South East every day. With Swindells you can be sure that you are getting the best advice and value from your accountant for your business.


Grow faster


The ability to spend more time on looking after your clients and acquriring new customers is invaluable for a small business. Having the headspace to think about new products, new offers and how to grow your small business rather than struggling through the minutiae of accounts is a huge advantage. By outsourcing these services you free up time and reduce your stress levels whilst we the experts can see opportunities that you may have missed.


The Small Business Unit has a far reaching network and we have seen many of the hurdles that our clients have overcome in the past, we can help you learn from their mistakes.


Part of the family


Our client family stretches across industries; we work with businesses from photographers, manufacturers and organic vineyards to specialist builders and international companies. When you join Swindells’ Small Business Unit you are joining a family that you can learn from, partner with and grow together.




Our services are tailored for each client, you only pay for what you need. We establish your needs with our free initial consultation and provide you with a clear no surprises monthly fee so that you can manage your business, safe in the knowledge that your costs are under control. We can help you with the following small business accounting needs:


  •       Business accounts prepared from your records for tax purposes.
  •       Bookkeeping services for small businesses.
  •       Online accounting packages.
  •       Small business tax planning.
  •       Personal tax return prepared and submitted to HMRC.
  •       Tax & National Insurance claims for your self employed income.
  •       Small business tax advice.
  •       An agreed fixed monthly fee
  •       Monthly payroll and payslip production for all employees.
  •       VAT returns.
  •       Procurement and assistance with accounting software.
  •       Funding advice and assistance with lenders.
  •       Company incorporation and advice on business structures.


For more information on booking your free Small Business Unit initial consultation and quote contact us on the link below:





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