Top tax tips for SMEs in 2018

Melanie Richardson



Small to mid-size business enterprises often neglect to take advantage of all available tax breaks, resulting in higher than necessary tax bills for directors and employees. These actionable tax tips may help you save money on taxes and take full advantage of available tax benefits.


Tax tips for small business owners:

If your business is a limited company, you could be well advised to take out money in the form of salary and dividends, a professional tax adviser could also provide you with more tax-efficient strategies to maximise the income levels received from your business.


If your spouse works or helps out in your business, paying them a tax efficient salary helps ensure they qualify for the state pension later in life. Paying a salary of less than £162 weekly means your spouse won't need to make any contributions to National Insurance but will gain all associated benefits.



Investing in new business equipment, like a company van, computers, tools, etc, should be timed to meet the end of your business year. This way you will gain all the tax relief advantages sooner than if you purchase these items at the beginning of your business year.


Where your employees use their own car for company business, take full advantage of the current mileage rules. The current approved mileage allowance is 45p for the first 10,000 miles, then it drops to 25p per mile thereafter. If you don't pay the top rate for business mileage, then you should make sure your employees are aware that they can claim the difference as a deduction against their salary, which will cut their tax bills.


Tax-free benefits in kind can be valuable perks for staff, some of these include:


One mobile phone per employee

Health checks

Providing a workplace nursery

Subsidised transport to and from work, which includes bus fares

Car parking

Providing company cycles

Giving cash awards to employees participating in company suggestion schemes

Providing sports or recreation facilities

Seasonal parties and events can be subsided up to £150 per person annually


There are many more tax tips available for business owners, and seeking professional advice can be the best way forward for minimising taxes.

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