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What is cloud accounting?

Cloud accounting is similar to traditional accounting software installed on your computer however, it is not installed on your servers, but on a virtual network for which you pay a monthly fee. Data is sent to the cloud, it is processed securely and the user can access it at any time, and from any location. Business owners can also allow their accountants to access the information.

Using cloud accounting software such as QuickBooks frees businesses from having to install and maintain software on each individual computer. It also allows employees in other departments or remote workers to access vital information in real time.



Benefits of cloud accounting:

There are many benefits to the cloud accounting model:

  1. Reduced upfront fees are replaced by a monthly cost spread over the financial year, improving cash flow,
  2. Easy to get, real time reporting information
  3. Low fixed costs
  4. Always available
  5. Choice of packages to suit your usage
  6. Quick setup and intuitive learning process


John (CEO of Uckfield Garage)

‘We are flat out all of the time and with our business it’s very paperwork heavy. Everything comes in with an invoice which makes Caroline’s job harder than perhaps a service business. This is where Swindells have really come into their own as QuickBooks has allowed Caroline to develop new skills so that we can work much more quickly and have great support. They’re really easy to get hold of, any queries we just ring them up, no problem.’


View the case study here:


Why QuickBooks?

We used, trialled and tested the cloud accounting options available and decided to partner with QuickBooks to offer a complete accounting service. We also work with other cloud accounting platforms however, at the moment, QuickBooks provides a great support service as well as quick setup times and intuitive design and usage.

With QuickBooks you can estimate tax payments, sort business and personal transactions, auto track mileage, have multiple users, manage bills and payments, manage stock and track costs by project, location or budget as well as a multitude of other features.


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Why choose Swindells?


Swindells offers a range of packages to get you started and set up with cloud accounting software. Each package includes a free initial call to determine the right fit for you and your business, software setup and training.


Why swindells for quickbooks


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Clients who use QuickBooks:


Stuart Mack Logo east sussex accounting and tax services

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Stuart has been using QuickBooks for a number of years to manage his business on the go. Read his case study to find out why QuickBooks saves him time and money:



John @ The Uckfield Garage


Uckfield garage Swindells tax and accounting


John & Caroline at the Uckfield Garage have this year, switched to a cloud accounting package with Swindells. QuickBooks has allowed Caroline to develop new skills so that we can work much more quickly and have great support

Read their case study to find out why QuickBooks saves them time and money:



If you’re starting a business in Sussex or the South-East or are interested in setting up online accounting systems to streamline your financial workload do get in touch with one of our partners, Robert Willison to talk about how Swindells can help you to grow your business.

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Business Services Partner: Robert Willison


Tel: 01825 763366

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