What’s new in QuickBooks 2020?

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QuickBooks is our cloud/online accounting software partner. It provides a simple easy to set up and use software package to manage your business accounting needs. QuickBooks has recently released the new 2020 desktop…read on to find out what’s new.



Automated payment reminders

Spending unnecessary time identifying and then following up on overdue invoices  can be a painful and painstaking process.  In QuickBooks 2020, you can schedule, review and send payment reminders to customers who haven’t met the payment deadline.

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Automatically add customer PO number to invoice emails

If you’re a business that works with clients or customers needing to attach a PO to their invoices, you can make life easier for them by adding their PO number as the first thing they see in the subject of their invoice email.

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Combine multiple emails

Now you can combine all invoices for a single client into one email, making their lives much easier.  Using QuickBooks isn’t just about making your life easier, it’s about making the lives of your customers and clients smoother with a more seamless and intuitive process.


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Company file search

On the No company open screen you can now easily open your company files with the addition of a file search option, give it a go!



Enhanced accessibility


On the Bills, Invoice and Write check screens, accessibility enhancements have been made for visually challenged users



Why QuickBooks?


We used, trialled and tested the cloud accounting options available and decided to partner with QuickBooks to offer a complete accounting service. We also work with other cloud accounting platforms however, at the moment, QuickBooks provides a great support service as well as quick setup times and intuitive design and usage.

With QuickBooks you can estimate tax payments, sort business and personal transactions, auto track mileage, have multiple users, manage bills and payments, manage stock and track costs by project, location or budget as well as a multitude of other features.

Quickbooks functionality 

Swindells offers a range of packages to get you started and set up with cloud accounting software. Each package includes a free initial call to determine the right fit for you and your business, software setup and training:

Why swindells for quickbooks


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What our users say



Stuart Mack: Brand Consultant & Photographer



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Stuart has been using QuickBooks for a number of years to manage his business on the go. Read his case study to find out why QuickBooks saves him time and money:




John & Caroline: Uckfield Garage





John and Caroline at the Uckfield Garage have this year switched to a cloud accounting package with Swindells.  QuickBooks has allowed Caroline to develop new skills so that we can work much more quickly and have great support

Read their case study to find out why QuickBooks saves them time and money:





If you are interested in understanding more about how switching to QuickBooks could save your business time and money do get in touch with Robert Willison, one of our partners to discuss your options:



Robert east sussex accountants


Email: robertw@swindellsaccounting.co.uk

Tel: 01825 763366

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